Generate custom avatars from the sha-1 hash of your username

how to

simply put / then your username followed by .png into the url like /404invalid-user.png


colour - change the colour of your pixel's bg_colour - change the background colour

cool stats

some cool stats

total number of generated SHA1vatars: NULL

number of generated SHA1vatars over time



its giving me a 404 error

make sure your url ends with .png and nothing else

why does it look different to my one on GitHub?

thats because it is as GitHub said in their blog they use your account id to generate the hash and I'm not sure what algorithm GitHub use

can I download my SHA1vatar?

yes just right click and save as or proxy or download how you would with the application you're developing, i would love to know if you use this in your project send me an email and let me know.

whats the licence for this?

the generated SHA1vatar have no licence and should remain that way (it's a randomly generated 5x5 block of squares) and the code is under the MIT licence

can I host this myself?

yes! that would be better for me too you can take a look at the github repo here